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Author Topic: Open  (Read 4673 times)


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« on: December 16, 2009, 23:30:45 »

The game is open now!

Create your account at the User Management Panel.
And follow the steps here on how to set-up the game.

Good Luck  :)

Enjoy rPT! ^^


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Open & Level UP Contest
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2009, 01:31:35 »

Level UP Contest

First 3 to reach level 100 for each class gets a prize:
1st: Perfect Level 100 Weapon-of-class spec-of-class and Perfect Level 100 Armor-of-class spec-of-class.
2nd: Perfect Level 100 Weapon-of-class spec-of-class.
3rd: Perfect Level 98/96 Weapon-of-class spec-of-class.

Weapon-of-class means the basic weapon for that class, so an Axe for a Fighter, Armor-of-class is either an Armor or for prs/mgs a Robe.
Spec-of-class is similar, the item will be Fighter spec for the fighter prize.

Good luck have fun

1st. Thor
2nd. Rave
3rd. TheThreeTs
1st. widGt
2nd. Angel
3rd. UnderTheMask
1st. Pikeman
2nd. Pacatoo
3rd. oOlOlOo
1st. i
2nd. Phoenix
3rd. CyclonePhoenix
1st. Stfu
2nd. KilluMinati
3rd. Jylz
1st. Fantomen
2nd. uhcxnomis
3rd. xGabY
1st. Kintaro
2nd. Excalibur
3rd. On
1st. eXe
2nd. Menadell
3rd. Princess
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Enjoy rPT! ^^
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