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Author Topic: Development Roadmap  (Read 58186 times)


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Development Roadmap
« on: January 26, 2013, 01:42:38 »

Game Updates Plan

Status of recent and live major public development projects:

New Classes Assassin and Shaman100%ReleasedTwo full new classes with their own unique Weapons and Skills till Tier 5! We are the only server where Assassin can wield two different Daggers and Shamans able to use orbs and shields alongside with their weapon, adding more depth to the new classes!
Caravan Hopies100%Released Keep a Caravan with you at all times to store plenty of items. Skin Variety: Hopy, Hungky, Buma, Arma, Cuepy, Tobie, Rabie and christmas edition, Rudolph!
Major Engine Upgrade, High FPS even in Big Crowds100%Released With our expertise we've upgraded the Rendering Engine to be able to make new visuals. And, unlike any other server: if you have a decent computer/laptop, there's no more lag in crowds upto 150 players! Therefore, Hell's Gate and Siege War can be enjoyed like it's supposed to be!
HD Textures100%Released We've doubled the resolution of many textures in all maps in-game. Everything looks much sharper and smoother. Also no more weird visual artefacts of the floor in the distance when you move your camera around.
Taunts animations by typing 'taunt'100%Released Another example of our exclusivity. Like Yahoo animation, you can type Taunt in the chat to do a taunt animation.
Secret Laboratory100%ReleasedA new Level 140 Map. Customized to tailor to our quality.
Secret Laboratory Weapons & Shield100%Released New equipments hand-crafted by the engineers of the Secret Laboratory.
Account Talisman100%Released Trade Accounts safely with this item.
Loot Filter100%Released Filter Loots with Options
New Party Interface100%Released Improved Party Interface
New Social Tab Interface100%Released Improved Friends/Clan Tab Interface
Costume Slot100%Released Costume Slot in Inventory functional
Support for Asian Character Names100%Released Support for Character Names in different Alphabets
Revamp Assassin & Shaman100%Released Visual Improvements and balance of a few skills for the new classes.
Skill Balance100%Released Changes to some skills of certain classes.
New Clan System100%Finalizing Build your Clan together with a new and improved Clan System.
Refactoring Code Base95%Finalizing Recode lots of parts of the code base of the game. Such as replacing the Legacy Quest system, Trade system, Personal Shop system, Damage system and a lot more! Doing this will allow us to release awesome and endless new features, similar to the major engine upgrade, which gave RealmPT an epic performance boost of 4 to 5 times!
New Tier 5 Skills20%Feb 2017 Finalize more Tier 5 skills!
Secret Laboratory Quests50%Feb 2017 Many epic and fun quests to do inside the Secret Laboratory.
Dynamic Shadows10%Feb 2017 A visual improvement where monsters and characters cast realtime shadows instead of the current simple circle
Lotto Millions20%Soon Amassed too many riches that you don't know what to do with it? Gamble some of it and perhaps double your wealth!
Damage Display35%SoonSee how much damage you've dealt!
Royal RumbleTBA

List Last Updated: 5th February 2017
Planned Next Patch: 16th February 2017

Check back every week for an updated list!

Enjoy rPT! ^^
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