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Author Topic: Patch 3150  (Read 1332 times)


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Patch 3150
« on: January 05, 2011, 14:08:18 »

Changelog Patch 3150:
  • Renamed 'Special Item Shop' to 'Premium Shop', changed model and moved some of these NPCs to different locations in each town
  • Renamed 'Precious Item Shop' to 'Precious Metals Shop'
  • Moved positions of several NPCs in Atlantis Town and Battle Town
  • Added 'Coin Shop' NPC in Ricarten Town, Phillai Town, Navisko Town, Atlantis Town, Battle Town. No function yet
  • Removed 'Secretary Dunnavan' from Battle Town and moved Potion Shop to his location
  • Renamed 'Blacksmith Rol' to 'Blacksmith Drol' and gave it a new model
  • Added Premium Shop NPC to Navisko Town and Battle Town
  • Added Item Box NPC to Ricarten Town, Phillai Town, Navisko Town and Battle Town
  • Added option to play full screen in 16 bit mode, setting 'Bit Depth' can be changed in game.ini file
  • Bug fix for incorrect map names in Teleport Core (Thanks Kenni)
  • Bug fix for crash on swapping screens
  • Bug fix in Godly Shield description (Thanks Kenni)
  • Bug fix improvement lost focus
  • Bug fix Tier 4 Rank-Up quest where the Skill Masters do not talk English in the Quest Arena battle
  • Global Trade Chat protection ignores character names
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Very busy with the next update :P
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