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Author Topic: Patch 4090  (Read 13675 times)


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Patch 4090
« on: January 10, 2017, 04:42:11 »

Changelog Patch 4090:

Major Features

  • New Weapons and Shield! (Only findable in Secret Laboratory!)
  • Account Talisman!
  • New Clan System! (the new Clan System features Clan Quests, Clan Treasury, Clan Search, Clan Recruitment, Clan Member Ranks and full Clan Management in-game, which means it won't be necessary to log in the website to manage anything in regards of your clan)
  • New Party Interface!
  • New Social Tab Interface!  ('D' short key)
  • Refactor of Code Base!
    • Recoded Client Inventory! (no more full inventory item bugs)
    • Recoded Aging NPC! (it now displays the percentage chance of failing during the process of aging an item)
    • Recoded Force Master!
    • Recoded Master Arad!
    • Recoded Master Shalon!
    • Recoded Mixing NPC! (it now displays the bonuses of a successful mix)
    • Recoded Personal Shop! (can put as many items as it fits in the window, can edit the title of the shop while it's open and can switch between inventory pages while the shop is open as well)
    • Recoded Player Shop! (it now displays a green color if you already visited a certain personal shop)
    • Recoded Trade Window! (supports all item slots to be filled in the window)
    • Recoded and improved Legacy and Rank Up Quests stories and thus no more bugs related to them!
    • Recoded Damage Handling! (to be used in future updates)
    • Recoded Warp Gate!
    • Recoded Clever Newter!
    • Recoded Login Screen! (no more freezing screen if connection fails)
  • Loot Filter! (choose what items you want to see on the floor. Can turn it ON/OFF in the settings)
  • Costume Slot! (when not wearing an Armor, stats of Costume are applied. 'F' short key)
  • Support for character names in different alphabets!
  • Visual Improvements to Shaman and Assassin skills!
  • Drop check & Inventory Lock upgrade! (a message will be displayed in your screen when you try to drop a potential good item, can turn it ON/OFF in the settings)
  • Deeni, Trait Specialist Window Improvement! (for characters below level 100 who are allowed to reset their stats and skills free of charge)
  • Higher Resolution Textures for Character's Selection Window!
  • Increased Resolution for Mouse Cursor! (plus, reduced mouse attack input lag on low FPS)
  • Track Command! (For instance /find GM-RealmPT (it will display where GM-RealmPT is currently at))
  • New design for Boss Monster Crystals!
  • New Classes Spirit and Stone Monsters! (Assassin and Shaman. They were also added to Nether Crystals)
  • New Color in Skill Timer depending on Pet's state! (pets in the Manual and Automatic commands will be displayed in different colors)
  • Archer's Wolverine Howl! (The Archer's wolverine skill from tier 4 now howls after being spawned)
  • Influence Stone! (Increases your chance by 35% during the process of re-specing to get your class's spec in the item used in the mixture process. This item is only obtainable from Hell's Gate and from VP)
  • Regen Values are now displayed in your character stats window
  • Medium Potions inventory images have been remastered
  • Added Anti-looting from boss monsters measures
  • Added Anti-bugging boss monsters measures
  • Added penalties to dying to boss monsters by getting a delay in seeing drops on the floor

Skills & Formulas Changes

  • Assassin changes:
    • HP formula changed to (level * 2.1) + (strength * 0.7) + (health * 2.1) from (level * 1.8 ) + (strength * 0.4) + (health * 2.6)
    • Rising Slash: Boosted damage against mechanic foes by 50% and it is now does AoE damage
    • Violent Stub: Added critical and boosts the damage of Finishing Blow
    • Venom Thorn: There's now a chance to poison the target with regular damage over 5 seconds with a 50% damage hit
  • Shaman changes:
    • Inertia: Increased cooldown and speed reduction does not stack with other speed reduction buffs anymore
    • Advent Midranda: Now chains 50% of Advent Migal's Attack power boost
  • Mechanician changes:
    • Precision: Now consumes SP per shot and MP per second, and you can't shoot without SP/MP
    • Compulsion: Doesn't work on Boss Monsters from now on and it has a maximum magnetic range that will break if you walk too far from the lured monster
  • Magician changes:
    • Skills are now in % Damage Boost! The remake include the following skills: Fire Bolt, Fire Ball, Watornado, Enchant Weapon, Death Ray, Diastrophism, Spirit Elemental, Dancing Sword, Flame Wave, Meteorite and Stone Spike.
    • Spirit Elemental gives MP Regen bonus (used to be a hidden attribute, it is now shown in the skill description)
    • Concept of 'WP Damage' is removed (from Force Orb, Enchant Weapon, etc.)
    • Frost Damage from the skill Dancing Sword doesn't overrule Distortion
  • Pikeman changes:
    • Venom Spear now works in PvP
  • Skill issues fixes:
    • Fixed a bug where Atalanta's Split Javelin didn't work as intended in PvP
    • Fixed a bug where Atalanta's Frost Javelin duration was incorrect
    • Fixed a bug where Knight's Godly Shield only worked in PvP
    • Fixed a bug where Shaman's Mourning Pray could push players inside Bless Castle
    • Fixed a bug where Priestess's Summon Muspell Skill description said Block instead of Evasion
    • Fixed a bug where Priestess's Resurrection didn't prioritize targets correctly
    • Fixed a bug where Mechanician's Metal Golem in Manual command wouldn't attack monsters if your Magnetic Sphere hit any foe
    • Fixed a bug where Assassin's Dual Wield Mastery didn't add Attack Power as it should
    • Fixed a bug where Archer's Elemental Shot lightning attack didn't work

Other Changes & Bug Fixes

  • Pets can now do AoE damage like their monster counterpart would do
  • Monsters doing AoE damage against a pet will now also hit the pet owner within the damage range
  • Monsters are now spawned as well along with Draxos
  • New Interface for Skill Master
  • Lowered Bellatra tax rate from 25% to 20% and increased clan tax fee from 3% to 5%
  • Chat Message Balloons are now stable when Camera is moving
  • Chat Message Balloons Text no longer goes out of the Balloons (no overflow of text)
  • PvP score isn't counting inside Bless Castle anymore (only at the flag area)
  • Added Middle Mouse Scrolling Functionality in UI windows
  • Eternal Life, Fatal Edge and Avert Scroll now do not work in Bless Castle
  • Big Guide Map 'M' has been removed temporarily, and will be replaced in the future with an updated guide map
  • Bless Castle and Hell's Gate should now be even more smooth when it's crowded
  • Unban Date is now shown when logging in if account is temporarily banned
  • Anti Aliasing is now supported again (4x and 2x MSAA option in F10. Default: OFF)
  • Preload option too reduce lag is now supported again (option default is ON if computer memory >= 4 GB. Can be changed in F10)
  • "No Ambient Sound" setting added to the Settings Menu
  • Gamer Mouse buttons (buttons on the side of the mouse) can now be used to move the camera
  • Improved the Select Glow performance and visuals
  • Improved Server Integrity Protection against outside attacks
  • Increased BC Neutral Crystals defensive attributes
  • HP Bar is displayed above an enemy if you're attacking it or have attacked it before
  • Integrity on Items fade towards red when it goes lower
  • Game will now automatically use the highest performance Video Card in your system if you have a multi-GPU computer (laptops, usually)
  • The Game will now remember that you've put it in maximized, and start the game in maximized next time you run the game
  • New Voting System
  • Fixed a bug where if shooting with a Crossbow from far away, character would start walking towards target selected
  • Fixed a bug where Undead Stalker's Knife would disappear on zoom in
  • Fixed a bug where Draxos Boots Evade stat wasn't working
  • Fixed a bug where Potions could vanish after disconnecting
  • Fixed a bug where Potions wouldn't stack correct after you looted them from the floor
  • Fixed a bug where Quest Items could get stuck in Item Distributor
  • Fixed a bug where the Warehouse Quiz Timer didn't work
  • Fixed a bug where you could use Monster Crystals in death screen
  • Fixed a bug where a Monster Crystal would be picked up in your game cursor if trying to active more than 10 Crystals a time
  • Fixed a bug where Monster Crystals wouldn't disappear upon death
  • Fixed a bug where Monster Crystals would disappear inside the Tier 4 Arena
  • Fixed a bug where activated EXP Potion and Third Eye wouldn't stack with the level 100 free EXP Potion and level 110 free Third Eye given by the server
  • Fixed a bug where you wouldn't be auto warped from Bless Castle if your Clan didn't own Bless Castle
  • Fixed a bug where you could open a NPC after teleporting
  • Fixed a bug where Sheltoms below Mirage would be lost if trying to clone them
  • Fixed a bug where you could fill in a longer text in Macro than allowed in Chat Box
  • Fixed a bug where Freezing Animation would look strange to others
  • Fixed a bug where Skill Master Verkan's animation sometimes stopped/froze
  • Fixed a bug where Pets would die when dawning at Navisko Town
  • Fixed a visual bug where Trail didn't work when using extra far zoom range
  • Fixed a visual bug where Item Distributor would show wrong amount of Items in Item Box
  • Fixed a visual bug where Items in the Inventory could overlay
  • Fixed a visual bug where arrow/falcon/etc wouldn't quite hit the target
  • Fixed a visual Bug where Monsters would flicker/teleport at spawning
  • Fixed a visual bug where Guardian Saint, Figon and other monsters didn't fade correct when dying
  • Fixed a visual bug where Linked Particles didn't render as intended
  • Fixed a visual bug where the height of Item Info Box would be incorrect
  • Fixed a visual bug in the Character Create Screen where position of the "name text" was incorrect
  • Fixed a visual bug where Fireworks didn't randomly show different particles
  • Slightly improved visual of Energy Shield
  • Draxos Spawn Time changed to 02:xx, 10:xx and 18:xx (xx = boss time)


Another honorable achievement for us is that we've reached 8000 likes on our facebook page as well and there will be an event soon serving as celebration!
May 2017 be wonderfully filled with love, success and lots of good moments in-game! :)

Very busy with the next update :P
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