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Author Topic: Sneak peek of the upcoming Patch!  (Read 5500 times)


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Sneak peek of the upcoming Patch!
« on: December 30, 2016, 20:58:33 »

Hey all!

We've been working hard in the last months setting RealmPT up for greater expansions in the coming year. The upcoming patch include alot of rewrites of the game to support this, which took more effort than predicted. Without further ado, here are some sneak peeks for you to enjoy:

The new Clan System:

The new Clan System features Clan Quests, a Clan Treasury, Clan Search and Recruitment, new Clan Member Ranks and full Clan Management in-game. Also all bugs related to clans are resolved (no more weird errors).

The new Party Interface:

The new Social Window "D" (friends and clan):

Remastering of Assassin and Shaman effects (as well as a Skill Balance):

The new Weapons and Shield, designed and crafted by our team:

The patch includes much more, such as:
  • Account Talisman item for trading accounts
  • Full Skill Balance for Magician. Regular Skill Balance for Assassin, Shaman and Mechanician
  • Costume Slot
  • Loot Filter
  • Asian Character Names support
  • Trade Window to support 36 items (no 20 item limit)
  • Personal Shop to support unlimited items (no more limit)
  • Anti looting system
  • Mouse not affected by lag
  • ... and much more, to be announced in detail in the final patch on release!

The patch will be released january 2nd, with many updates coming frequently now that this is finally out.

Disclaimer: We're presenting a teaser on the features that will be released in the upcoming days. However, we are aware of some spelling errors that will be fixed when these features are launched in-game.

Enjoy rPT! ^^

Very busy with the next update :P
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