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Author Topic: Patch 4079  (Read 11326 times)


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Patch 4079
« on: June 03, 2016, 18:29:42 »

Changelog Patch 4079:
  • Added two new Teleport Cores with new destinations. You can buy these from the Premium Shop NPC's in all towns. (Guide)
  • Renewed the Teleport Core window!
  • Added Synthetic Crystal for Secret Laboratory monsters. (Guide)
  • Added Draxos to the Legendary Crystal spawn list
  • Visual: Added Font Anti Aliasing for smoother text. You can turn this on/off in the Settings Window (F10) to your preference.
  • Increased Monster Spawn Rate in normal maps from Gallubia Valley till Endless Tower F2
  • Hell's Gate teleport fee is now based on a formula
  • Item Box sending fee is now based on a formula
  • Aging cost formula changed (Guide)
  • Added a cooldown interval between delegating Party Leaders
  • Bug Fix in Meteorite sounds
  • Bug Fix Premium Hairstyles getting reset on Rank UP
  • Reduced Ether Core drop rate in Secret Laboratory

Very busy with the next update :P
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