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Author Topic: Patch 4037  (Read 4059 times)


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Patch 4037
« on: February 09, 2016, 17:29:59 »

Changelog Patch 4037:
  • Major improvement to the game's core performance! The game runs much much faster in big crowds now. It also loads faster. RealmPT exclusive forever!
  • Shaman and Assassin's damage is now lowered if they're using a Athanasia/Eternal Life scroll
  • Block and Evade are now fully functional when receiving a hit from Shaman/Assassin
  • Class specific Bless Castle Damage items (Animosity Potions) now work for Shaman/Assassin
  • Chain Lightning Flinch chance increased
  • Improved AntiCheat against Skill Cooldown hacks! RealmPT is the only server with solid anti-hack mechanisms!
  • Two new login loading screens
  • 'Item gained' notice message now appears in chatbox even if you're not in a party
  • In Death Cave for the Tier 5 Rank Up Quest, at the top of the screen you are able to see when you can enter the Eragon Arena
  • Bosses no longer affected by skills that push monsters
  • Bug where Bellatra Scores of different rooms are added together fixed
  • Bug where you can enter Bellatra after rounds have started fixed
  • Bug specific to Shaman/Assassin where you could damage enemies by aiming AoE damage on an immune friendly fixed
  • Bug where Chain Lightning can kill other players fixed
  • Bug where the game doesn't save properly after a Quest fixed
  • Bug where Shaman does almost instant kill damage to Party/Clan Members fixed
  • Bug with casting Berserker without a weapon fixed
  • Bug with the Camera and the Lightning beams in Death Island fixed
  • Graphical improvement: Distant night lights stay on (they don't flicker off anymore)
  • Graphical improvement: Distant fading is smoother
  • Graphical improvement: Dynamic lights affect more objects now
  • Upon reaching level 100, your character will now automatically activate a free 48 play hours of EXP Potion, and at level 110 you get 48 play hours of Third Eye

Very busy with the next update :P
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