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Author Topic: Patch 4031  (Read 3121 times)


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Patch 4031
« on: January 02, 2016, 18:14:33 »

Changelog Patch 4031:
  • Taunts added! Type "taunt" in the chatbox to show others who's the boss in PvP! (Taunts not working for Priestess and Pikeman yet but will come soon)
  • Assassin's Deception improved with lower Visibility, extra Attack Rating and bonus Movement Speed
  • Assassin's Shadow Storm improved with flinch hits
  • Assassin's Finishing Blow improved with a bonus Attack Rating
  • Assassin's Soul Shock now flinches enemies
  • Priestess' Multi Spark's damage is now effected by number of Sparks that hit
  • New Crystal Boss hour has been added (4 AM - 6 AM)
  • Added Flinch chance on PvP based on Level difference
  • Increased freeze duration of Phoenix Ice attack
  • Increased the chance of getting a spec when base respecing
  • Moved Neutrality Treaty from Shellbi to Rossa
  • Fixed a bug where Chain Lightning didn't flinch enemies
  • Fixed a bug where Chain Lightning and Divine Lightning didn't always target a monster
  • Fixed a bug where Lightning Sword effect looked odd in Eura
  • Fixed a bug where Caravan Pet would be moved into Hell's Gate arena if the pet owner died
  • Fixed a bug where VIP Hair Style would reset after Rank Up
  • Fixed a bug where Phantom Call's effect doesn't sync properly with Shaman's Animation
  • Other minor bug fixes

Enjoy rPT! ^^
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