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Author Topic: Patch 4030  (Read 1805 times)


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Patch 4030
« on: December 23, 2015, 12:33:02 »

Changelog Patch 4030:
  • Priestess Balance:
    • Vigor Ball now has a 30% extra damage bonus against Undead monsters
    • Ice Meteorite damage has increased
    • Chain Lightning damage has increased and number of chained links has increased
    • The Attack Power of the Muspell is now also added to your own Attack Power
  • Candy Cane size in Inventory reduced
  • Opening a Personal Shop can't be too close to another Personal Shop or NPC now
  • Visual Bug where the Arrow shoots out below the 2-handed Bow
  • Visual Bug in Frost attacks where monster's death animation would repeat
  • Bug where a special Hairstyle gets lost at Rank-up
  • Other Bug Fixes

Enjoy rPT! ^^
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