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Author Topic: Patch 4024  (Read 1861 times)


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Patch 4024
« on: December 14, 2015, 17:57:40 »

Changelog Patch 4024:
  • Xmas Event updated with even more content!:
    • Xmas Weapon Crate, containing new custom Xmas Swords, Axe, Cross Bow, Javelin, Claw, Hammer, Scythe, Dagger, Phantom and Wand!
    • Caravan Rudolf Crystal
  • You can now cancel a Force Orb, Quest or Monster Crystal by right-clicking on the Timer Icon
  • You can't place Xmas Trees near NPCs anymore
  • You can't make Personal Shops near NPCs anymore
  • Holy Valor Damage Boost decreased (Level 10 = 10%)
  • Chasing Hunt now makes monsters run towards you instead of walk
  • The following Priestess Skills are now % based (These skills are on BETA MODE and might get changed in the future):
    • Holy Bolt
    • Multi Spark
    • Divine Lightning
    • Vigor Ball
    • Glacial
    • Chain Lightning
    • Ice Meteorite
  • Fixed a bug where Ice Phoenix Pet didn't freeze targets
  • Fixed a bug where Xmas Girl didn't hand out presents
  • Fixed a bug where the Force Glow wouldn't disappear when a Force expired
  • Fixed a bug that caused a lot of disconnections
  • Fixed a bug related to Item Box

Enjoy rPT! ^^
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