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Author Topic: Patch 4022  (Read 1716 times)


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Patch 4022
« on: December 06, 2015, 22:04:06 »

Changelog Patch 4022:
  • Your own Caravan pet is now displayed on the mini-map with a blue dot
  • Added a confirmation box for when you try to replace your Caravan pet with another
  • New NPC box border added to give a smoother look
  • Shaman Skill changes:
    • Swapped Press Deity and Mourning Pray damages so that Mourning Pray becomes a 1-time strong AoE skill with delay & Press Deity is no longer overpowered
    • Mourning Pray now does 30% extra damage against Undead Monsters
    • Spiritual Manacle now has a chance of success (Level 10 = 70%)
    • Judgement now has a delay similar delay to Pikeman's Charging Strike
    • Scratch doesn't have extra damage against Undead Monsters anymore
    • Phantom Call now does 30% extra damage against Demon Monsters
    • Other Monsters Bonuses lowered to 30% from 50%
    • More improvements to Shamans' skills will come in future updates
  • Assassin Skill changes:
    • Rising Slash now does 30% extra damage against Mechanic Monsters
    • Gust Slash now does 30% extra damage against Mechanic Monsters
    • Shadow Bomb now does 30% extra damage against Mutant and Normal Monsters
    • Stinger Monster Bonus lowered to 30%
    • Violent Stub damage has been increased
    • Finishing Blow damage has been decreased
    • Finishing Blow no longer has a delay
    • Frost Wind now has Frost Element with a chance of Freeze
    • Gust Slash, Double Blow, Rising Slash, Frost Wind skill effects improved
    • More improvements to Assassins' skills will come in future updates
  • Added several anti-lag measures to Bless Castle
  • Re-coded the zones in Bless Castle so that PvP can only happen within the intended areas
  • Fixed a bug where Caravan pets would reset their names after relog
  • Fixed a bug where Particles Effects would sometimes hang randomly in the air
  • Fixed a bug where you weren't able to cancel Item Timers in Battle Town
  • Back-end improvements

Known issues to be addressed in the next Patch:
  • Buffs currently disappear in BC's safe zone: this will be re-evaluated to see if it's desirable
  • Bug: Can't currently attack your own Clan members in BC using CTRL
  • Bug: Cannot use a Caravan pet crystal if not already using one
  • Bug: Violent Stub has an error in its skill description

Enjoy rPT! ^^
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