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Author Topic: Devlog #12  (Read 8319 times)


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Devlog #12
« on: November 30, 2015, 21:55:40 »

Pheeew! Hello world!
It's been a long time since I posted a Devlog here! Sorry about that, I was busy obtaining a degree! That's out of the way now though, so my time can once again be poured into the development of RPT and our community. Needless to say, a lot of stuff has happened since my last Devlog. Sandurr and the team have kept hard at work, they never sleep! I'm beginning to suspect they are secretly robots. Hmm... Anyhow, I will try to quickly summarize most of the things we've added to the game in the previous months while at the same time showcasing a tiny bit of what's yet to come in the near future. Without further ado, let's jump right into it!

Assassin & Shaman

Unless you've been away or living under a rock, you might have already noticed that the 2 new classes came out in late September. Since then, we've been hard at work improving most of their skills, better even than originally designed. So far, most skills have had their visuals greatly improved already, but there is still quite some work to be done. Shaman's Advent Migal and Advent Midranda, for example, are still missing their respective 3D models, so Sandurr's working on adding that. In addition to that, we have plans to vastly improve over a dozen of the Assassin's skills as well, with added bonuses for certain skills, and mere visual improvements for others - so don't worry, it's not just Shamans we're improving. Remember to keep an eye on the Patch board, for that is where we will post every change as we update these skills for the better. Keep in mind though: we are still balancing these classes' strength, so don't go too wild if you find them to be too strong or too weak for now.

As for those of you who still haven't tried the new classes: if you're undecided as to which class you should try out first, I leave you below a few awesome screenshots (first one was taken by our forum user Pati), which might help you choose which one's the best for you!

Assassins are connoisseurs of stealth. Swiftly emerging from the shadows, they are able to finish their foes with a swing of
their daggers before their presence is even acknowledged.

Shamans are spiritual lords of the occult. Through the use of Phantoms, they can access and invoke the realm of the dead
and exploit the dark arts to cast powerful curses on their foes.

Also, there's an XP Marathon Event currently taking place which aims to reward the fastest players to reach certain level milestones using the 2 new classes! Most rewards have already been given away, but there are still plenty of consolation prizes left to hand out, so check it out!

Caravans: a lot more, and better!

Remember the new Caravan features I had designed a few months ago? Well, Sandurr has already coded them in. You can now give your pet commands, such as "Follow", or "Stay". More importantly, you can now give your pets a name! Now, unfortunately there's a bug at the moment which makes it so that your pet's name resets back to default upon relogging, but we'll get that fixed as soon as possible.

Guess what, though! That's not all!
Our 3D artist has also created 6 new Caravans, which Sandurr has already added to the game in the previous Patch!

The new Caravans include: Caravan Hungky, Caravan Buma, Caravan Arma, Caravan Rabie, Caravan Tobie and Caravan Cuepy! You can obtain their respective crystals through Coin Shop, events and other in-game features such as Hell's Gate and Lucky Box!

New Solo, Daily and Party Quests

Recently I've been working on writing a couple new solo quests, a lot of new daily quests and 2 new party quests: most of them for levels 9x-10x. The idea is that the new NPC in Eura village will have more than 10 new quests available for you when we're finally done with it. That said, having these many different quests at the same NPC raises a new issue: how to display all of that information in a way that doesn't get messy. So far I've been playing around with art we already have, such as:

However, this is still very much a work in progress, so don't be too surprised if things change drastically.
Now, before you start saying these quests should be added for another level range - don't worry. The reason for such an addition at such low levels is due to the fact that those levels are currently lacking in content, and new players struggle with that every day. We understand that levels beyond 14x also need some love, and we'll work towards fixing that as soon as we can. Everything in its time. More information on this in the weeks to come - stay tuned!

Haunted Mansion

Sandurr and our 3D artist have been up to some spooky stuff as of lately. I've heard rumors about that old mansion East of Ricarten Town, but I was too spooked to go there and check it out by myself. In case you missed it, this is what it looked like on Halloween:

Our 3D artist made that, and it looks awesomely scary! Now, if it wasn't obvious enough already, this is where we'll be adding the new feature we call Haunted Mansion. We're still working out the details of how exactly it will work, so I'm sorry to let you know it won't be coming out in the nearest future already. That said, though, sometimes Sandurr works on certain features as a break from other larger features, so who knows what'll happen! The best thing for you to do is to constantly keep an eye on our forums and future Devlogs!

Skill tweaking

Over the past couple of months, a lot of skills have suffered changes. One example of that is Knight's Godly Shield, which was bugged for as long as the mind can remember. The skill basically required a 1-handed weapon and a shield to be cast, but then it kept working even if the Knight switched to a 2-handed weapon. Obviously, this was not intended. A shield skill cannot work if the player is not wearing a shield, so we fixed that. Another skill which was way too powerful for its own good was Lightning Sword, so we also gave that one a nerf. We never intended for Knights to have the best AoE in the game, nor have we ever intended for them to have the highest DPS or for them to be able to just get hold of a spawn and entirely solo their way through the levels. Knights, as per our design, are meant to have above average tanking skills and then no more than average AoE and 1x1 damage. They're not meant to have super high damage (unless the monster's Undead), so we fixed that. That being said, however, we're still looking at their skills, and we're looking at ways to compensate for the Godly Shield fix, if needed. Not only that, but their last T5 skill is still incoming, and that alone might be a game-changer, so we'll thread carefully.

Another class which now desperately needs balancing is Shaman, due to the many unique skill improvements we've added, so we'll be looking into this in the upcoming weeks too.

Bellatra Loading Screen

Kenniman has continued to work on a couple of new Loading Screens from time to time, as a break from all the other things he works on. One of said loading screens has already been added to the game:

Quite the eye candy! As we always say about loading screens: the more, the merrier!

Bug-fixing & Exploits work-around

You may have noticed, recently Sandurr went hardcore on making sure our bug list was shrank as much as possible. He fixed a craaaazy amount of bugs. Our list is now down to 15 bugs only, and they are all very minor. It's always worth reminding that if you find any bugs, please report them to us as soon as possible on our Bug Report board, so that we can have a look!

In addition to that, we've also tackled an old exploit. Remember how some players would keep dying to Boss monsters over and over again with the intent of having them endlessly regenerate HP and thus piss everyone off? Well, now each Boss can only regenerate HP once per each player's death, so if you happen to die once, the Boss will regenerate HP, but as soon as you die another time, it won't have any effect on the Boss. This of course is not bulletproof, as a large group of players can still keep dying enough times to piss everyone off, but at least it's harder for one single player to do this now. One extra step to these measures would perhaps be to add a cooldown effect to the Boss regeneration, as to ensure the Boss cannot regenerate more than once in the short period of a couple of minutes - although we're not working on this at the moment because this problem is no longer as bad as it used to be. We'll look into it again later on.

Recent updates you might have missed

Sometimes, updates we release go unnoticed by many players. We haven't had a Devlog in a long time, and Patch release notes look mostly boring and unattractive, so we get it why some of you sometimes don't know about our new features. Not a problem! That is why I am here to remind you of some of the cool things we've released over the past couple of months!

Unstackable Potions
Mix Names

New Mail system
New Ether Core skins

Other honorable mentions include the return of the good old camera shake feature and the fact that you can now bind any skills to any of the 1-9 numeric keys or the F1-F8 function keys! The latter in particular is a huge gameplay improvement in my opinion, as I was not a fan of being forced to bind T5 skills to the numeric keys whilst T1-T4 stayed exclusive to the function keys. Also, we've recently changed Bellatra so that even when you lose (when you don't finish Bellatra entirely), your scores are still added to the Rankings, so go ahead and start scoring!

Events: plenty and varied!

Unsurprisingly, we've had a bunch of events take place during all those months in which I didn't post a Devlog. Whoops! Said events included Wanted Moriph, Halloween, huuuge Black Friday deals at Coin Shop and a whole lot more. Guess we'll have to wait another year for those now (except Wanted Moriph, that guy always comes back around!).
Nevertheless, the usual Picture of the Week contest is currently in its 178th edition, and the aforementioned Assassin & Shaman XP Marathon is nearing its completion, so be quick to check it out if you haven't yet!

In addition, work is now being done on the upcoming Christmas event, which is due to start in one of the next couple of weeks. It'll be cool, so I'd stick around if I were you!
Lastly, make sure to leave a Like on our official Facebook page if you want! We're nearing the 6000 Likes, and you know what happens when we reach a new milestone: x2 EXP and x2 Drop weekend events!

For now, that is all. Sorry for the time it took for this Devlog to come out!
We hope you like what we're doing, and as always: have an awesome week!

Enjoy rPT! ^^

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