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Author Topic: Patch 4014  (Read 2439 times)


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Patch 4014
« on: October 29, 2015, 15:54:39 »

Changelog Patch 4014:
  • Halloween Event! Collect Halloween Weapons and Costumes!
  • Enjoy our exclusive Halloween Ricarten!
  • Skill Balance of most skills of Shaman! (Assassin still to come!)
  • Visual effects improved of Shaman skills
  • Keyboard Keys F1 to F8 can now be used on Tier 5 skills, and Keyboard Keys 4 to 6 can now be used on Tier 1 to Tier 4 skills!
  • Siege War time changed to 4 PM (server time)
  • Stun Arrow now always stuns
  • Integrity Crystal duration changed to 24 hours (from 12 hours)
  • A warning is shown if you pickup an item from your inventory when your weight is over limit (example)
  • Fixed a bug where Tulla didn't spawn Seal Crashers
  • Fixed exploit where Priestess could use Regeneration Field without holding Right Mouse Button
  • Temporarily replaced Crimson Knight with another model
  • Removed 'Cannot exit during battle' popup
  • Fixed a bug where negative elemental values were not calculated properly on items
  • Put back L11X instead of showing full level in Party Window
  • Fixed crash bugs
  • Slight performance enhancement

Enjoy rPT! ^^
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