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Author Topic: Patch 4006  (Read 1274 times)


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Patch 4006
« on: October 07, 2015, 17:15:58 »

Changelog Patch 4006:
  • Magic classes now have Critical working for all their 1x1 skills (such as Vigor Ball, Death Ray, etc)
  • Giraffe Hat is now also compatible with Assassin/Shaman
  • You can now only party other players up to 18 levels above or below yours, instead of 20 as previously
  • Assassins/Shamans can now party every other class, as their initial testing phase is now over
  • Assassins/Shamans have their EXP rate back to normal, as their initial testing phase is now over
  • Added more monsters per spawn to AD1
  • Fixed a bug where the skill Phantom Call was not affected by weapon speed
  • Fixed a bug where Orbs could not be matured the natural way
  • Fixed a bug where Cursed Milter would be in Phillai instead of Cursed Temple

Enjoy rPT! ^^
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