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Author Topic: Caravan Hopy update  (Read 3383 times)


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Caravan Hopy update
« on: July 01, 2015, 20:48:56 »

Don't mind the inconsistencies in some of the mock-ups below (sometimes I call it "3R's Caravan Hopy", other times I call it "SuperKnight's Caravan Hopy" - it doesn't matter, you get the idea).

  • The main window has new artwork & now it shows the pet's name
  • Added "Follow me" button. Hopy follows the player & teleports to him when player goes to new maps etc.
  • "Follow me" button is always ON by default every time you relog.
  • Added "Stay here" button. Hopy stays where he is until the player relogs or changes command to "Follow me". If player changes maps, Hopy will still stay where he is in the previous map. Meaning you can lose your Hopy if you're not careful. If you DO lose your Hopy, you can always just relog to get it back (because "Follow me" is ON after relog). The "Stay here" command is useful for when you don't want your Hopy in the middle of hellspawns while you're training.
  • Added "Rename" button. Opens the window to rename your Hopy.

  • You can only type a maximum of 20 characters (I wouldn't like to see long pet names in-game).
  • However, the default pet name doesn't take max characters into account.
  • The default pet name is: Charname's Caravan Hopy
  • Multiple players can rename their Hopies to the same name. There is no name check like we do for Characters.
  • If the player types a pet name that includes one of the censored words (same list as Trade Chat), the pet name will reset to its default and the player will get the usual black popup on top of the screen that says: "Pet names cannot include improper words."

Pet renaming introduces a new problem: we never know whose Hopy that is. Who does it belong to, if the name is changed?
To fix that, we make it so that if you hover the mouse on the right top window of Caravan Hopy, you will always see its default name, like so:

Extra notes:

By hovering the mouse over the new buttons, you see a tooltip:

Enjoy rPT! ^^


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Re: Caravan Hopy update
« Reply #1 on: November 28, 2015, 17:56:04 »

This update has now been implemented in-game. :)

Furthermore, we've added 6 new Caravan types:
  • Caravan Arma
  • Caravan Buma
  • Caravan Cuepy
  • Caravan Rabie
  • Caravan Tobie
  • Caravan Hungky

Enjoy rPT! ^^
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