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Author Topic: Lotto Millions  (Read 2972 times)


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Lotto Millions
« on: April 12, 2015, 20:26:21 »

Introducing, the new lottery system. Meet the Lotto Girl in Phillai Town for a chance to win the Jackpot!

  • Jackpot always starts at 25,000,000 gold (this amount is added by the server)
  • Players can buy unlimited tickets
  • 20% of the gold used to buy tickets (ticket cost: 1,250,000 gp each) is erased from the game (250k); the other 80% go into the jackpot (1kk).
  • Winning combination is randomly chosen by the server every 72 hours; Options for each slot can be one of 3: Sereno, Fadeo and Sparky (total of 3^6; 729 combinations possible)
  • Players can buy tickets until 30 minutes before the results are announced
  • Maximum amount of gold on the jackpot: 999,000,000 gp

This ticket will either expire or become a winning ticket as soon as the results are out.

Server Chat announcements (in purple):
  • 1 hour before results:
    • Lotto Millions> Results will be announced in 1 hour! Make your last bets at the Lotto Girl in Phillai now!
  • 30 minutes before results:
    • Lotto Millions> No more tickets for sale! The winning combination will be announced in 30 minutes!
  • At minute 0:
    • Lotto Millions> And the winning combination is... Fadeo, Sereno, Sereno, Sparky, Fadeo, Sparky!
    • Lotto Millions> If you have a winning ticket, trade it in at the Lotto Girl in Phillai! A new Lotto round will start now!

Expired ticket. Absolutely useless.
This ticket did not get the combination correctly.
Winning ticket. Should be given to Lotto Girl.
This ticket guessed the combination correctly.

  • Winning ticket takes all the jackpot (in case there are multiple winning tickets with the same sheltom combination, the jackpot is evenly divided by the amount of winning tickets)
  • Winning tickets can be traded in at Lotto Girl by anyone at any time (winning tickets never expire).
  • At the end of each draw, the jackpot is always reset back to 25kk (added by the server), regardless of winners or not

When a player takes a winning ticket to the Lotto Girl:

In case the player can't carry the jackpot gold in his inventory because he doesn't have the gold bag or whatever reason, a pop-up message appears on top of the screen:
"You can't carry this much gold in your inventory at the moment."

  • Winning tickets are removed from the inventory when traded in at Lotto Girl.
  • Non-winning tickets simply expire (as shown in one of the images above). These cannot be given to Lotto Girl. Players can drop or NPC them to get rid of them, if they wish.

Furthermore, the Lotto Girl also keeps track of every draw for the past 60 days. Players can see it by pressing the "History" button on the main window. This is what the History looks like:

Extra notes:
- The "shining" effect on the chest rotates counter-clockwise and it fades in and out every once in a while. It can also be scaled up to its normal size when fading in and scaled down to a tiny size when fading out, although that's not necessary.

Enjoy rPT! ^^

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